Complete text -- "年末年始スペシャル #2"

04 January

年末年始スペシャル #2 (11.1.04 OA)

#1 ばら色の人生 / 山根麻衣 "きんのひも"
#2 Pullo Àrdo / ユッスー・ンドゥール "Rokku Mi Rokka"
#3 My Cherie Amour / Chris "Big Dog" Davis & Timmy Maia "Smooth Jazz Plays Motown's Greatest Love Songs"
#4 People Get Ready / David Sanborn & Jonathan Sanborn "People Get Ready - A Tribute to Curtis Mayfield"
#5 I Shall Be Released (feat. arvin homa aya) / Reggae Disco Rockers "reggae magic"
#6 Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) / George Harrison "Living In the Material World (Bonus Track Version) [2006 Remastered]"
#7 Will I ever see your face again feat. 畠山美由紀 / 沖仁 & 畠山美由紀 "New Day to Be Seen"
#8 Complaining Too Much / Port Of Notes "Complain Too Much"
#9 Running On The Sand From Somewhere To Anywhere / Calm Featuring Spiritual African Nova "Shadow Of The Earth"
#10 Cosmic Wedding Song / 山根麻衣 "きんのひも"


[opening theme] Everything You Do / The Gadd Gang "The Gadd Gang"
[ending theme] Virginia Sunday / Richard Tee "The Best"
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